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Who will feature in the Real House Wives of Nairobi?


Nairobi has been identified as one of the African cities to participate in the popular reality TV series “The Real Housewives” franchise, which is expanding around the globe and has production ties to certain well-known African nations.

Nairobi real
Real House Wives of Nairobi set to be filmed in September 2022

According to a Variety report, NBC Universal Formats has announced a partnership with Multichoice, an African entertainment company, to produce additional African versions of “The Real Housewives programs.”

Nairobi (Kenya) and Pretoria (South Africa) will be among the new versions, and there are still a number of others in the making.

Netizens are now asking questions about who will represent Kenya on the Kenyan housewives on the reality show is now being discussed online.

The 14-part series is being filmed in Pretoria by independent production company Provoco filming in Nairobi will commence there in September 2022.

There are currently 11 American instalments, 20 international instalments, and 23 spin-offs of the global series The Real Housewives.

The programs centre on the private and professional lives of several well-off women who live in a particular city.

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Local producers recently shared their experience and connections with other international partners behind The Real Housewives shows at The Real Housewives of Africa Summit, which was recently held by NBC Universal Formats in Cape Town.

“We are so proud to build on the continued success of The Real Housewives franchises across Africa.

The way each version faithfully embodies the spirit of the city, people, and rich cultures it showcases connects with audiences across the region and the diaspora.” NBC Universal Formats senior vice president Ana Langenberg said.

“It was such a magical moment to bring our production partners together with Multichoice for our summit in Cape Town to connect, collaborate and map out more versions we can add to the family.” She said.

Nomsa Philiso, executive head of content at Mnet Channels, stated that although though the franchise is a global one, their take on it is “authentically African” and that it is proving to be very popular with the channel’s diverse consumers.

The Real Housewives currently airs in Lagos and it was the first Nigerian installment of the show in Africa.


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