What’s next for Hussein Mohammed after Dp’s win?

Hussein Mohamed
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When Hussein Mohammed signed off from Citizen TV in October 2019, most Kenyans had questions as to what made the most celebrated TV anchor leave the newsroom.

His exit was smartly planned to portray a mutual parting of ways, punctuated with hugs and pats on the backs.

Hussein displayed a calm but firm personality and was even given a chance to say goodbye to his viewers during a Live broadcasting session.

A cake party was thrown for him by his colleagues, moments after he did his last Newsnight show on Tuesday 30th October 2019, as some of his colleagues and bosses showered him with praises and well-wishes.

In early 2022 Hussein was appointed Deputy president’ head of communications for his presidential campaigns.

He was tasked with streamlining William Ruto’s communication network based on his journalistic skills.

The 40-year-old  media personality was born in Meru. His interest in journalism started in high school. He started to enjoy Swahili presentations, which led to him being the chair of the journalism club.

Right from high school, Hussein joined Zetech College to continue his passion for becoming a journalist.

He later enrolled at the University of Nairobi to pursue a master’s degree and graduated in 2019.

After failing his initial interview at Radio Umoja, he landed a job at K24, which gave him a breakthrough to Royal Media Services.

He worked at Royal Media Services for a decade, where it is believed that he was among the top-paid anchors.

Now with the Deputy President, William Ruto having won this year’s presidential elections.

Most Kenyans are watching closely Hussein’s appointment in Ruto’s government.

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