US Ambassador Whitman to hasten visa application process for Kenyans

Meg Whitman to quicken Visa application process
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Newly appointed US Ambassador to Kenya, Meg Whitman, has assured Kenyans seeking permits to travel to the United State, that the Embassy will speed up the visa application process.

This comes after Africa’s fastest man, Ferdinand Omanyala nearly missed the World Athletics Championship due to a visa delay.

According to a local media house, Whitman said the US embassy was aware of the high wait periods individuals face while applying for Visas and has committed to finding a solution.

“I am aware of the very long waiting times that Kenyans experience when applying for Visas to the US. The situation is unacceptable. We need to find ways to expedite those Visa applications. I promise you that we (the US Embassy in Kenya) will find ways to accelerate the process. That will be one of my top priorities,

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“The Embassy will see through this as soon as possible,” said Whitman.

When honouring victims of August 7, 1998, US Embassy bombing, which claimed the lives of over 200 people, Whitman pledged to handle the matter of compensation for those impacted.

“I am aware of the situation; I am not aware of solutions in progress. I am only six days on the job so I will get back to you with my understanding of the victims and if or when they will be compensated,” she said.

The US embassy in Kenya issued an advised security notice to citizens in Kisumu last week, warning of potential election-related turmoil that might arise after the ongoing elections.

However, the embassy quickly retracted the statement after it prompted outrage and indignation on social media, with Kenyans accusing the embassy of stereotyping the Nyanza-based city.

“We issued a routine alert to make sure our people are alert on the situation we face. We don’t have any information that you don’t have on any dangers. My top priority is the safety of our personnel and citizens. Does not reflect US views on the outcome of the elections,” added Whitman.

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