Kung’u Muigai: Uhuru cautioned by his cousin

Uhuru's Cousin Kung'u Muiga

President Uhuru’s cousin Kung’u Muigai, came out solemnly cautioning the president against fuelling the bitter exchange of words between him and his Deputy William Ruto.


Kung’u Muigai, a patron of the Kikuyu Council of Elders, pointed out a possible deterrence of peaceful elections if the ongoing wrangles between the president and his deputy keep ensuing.

In an interview with NTV on Sunday, July 31, Muigai further challenged his cousin to maintain the big brother demeanour because the mudslinging between the two was more embarrassing to Uhuru.

The president’s cousin was also concerned following DP Ruto’s claim that the Head of State was planning to harm him and his children.

He advised the president to evade falling into traps of exchanging words with his deputy.

“Although the President is my brother, he is in the wrong. In Kikuyu we have a saying, ‘Big brother, do good so you can show your little brother. If you keep hurling insults at your small brother, he will hurl them back at you and it will hurt more because you are older,” said Muigai.

Muigai said this in reference to the earlier allegations by the DP that there is a plot being orchestrated to harm him, his family, and his allies which the president responded by denying any such plans.

The President in his speech expressed a lack of interest in executing a vendetta in his final days as President pointing out how he has persevered with insults for the last three years.

Emphasizing lack of a need to start avenging especially now that he is about to go home.

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