The UK Denies taking sides in the Kenya’s 2022 Elections


 The UK ambassador confirmed on social media that the UK has maintained its neutral stand on Kenya’s political affairs and the outcome of 2022 General Elections.

Jane Mariott, the British ambassador to Kenya, has challenged the allegations that she and the UK are endorsing specific candidates and political parties in the country’s elections.

UK Ambassador to Kenya Mariott.

The UK ambassador repeated her sentiments claiming that the UK still stands to its neutrality concerning Kenya’s political affairs and that they fully accept the outcome of the currently disputed presidential election results.

“There has been a lot of misinformation circulating in the last few days about the UK & myself with regards to Kenya’s elections,” Mariott Tweeted.

“For the avoidance of doubt, I want to categorically reiterate that the UK does not support or have a view on any candidates or parties in elections. Who Kenyans elect is a matter for the people of Kenya.”

The British ambassador further added that the UK regards Kenya as a partner, assuring that it will continue being an important partner for the European powerhouse.

“We meet people from across the political spectrum to explain the UK’s programs and partnership with Kenya, including independent institutions. Kenya will remain a vital partner for the UK through our Strategic Partnership,” she said.

Mariott referred to an International Community statement from August 17, 2022, in which Kenyans were praised for maintaining peace and calm during the elections.

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It also encouraged political leaders who were dissatisfied with the election outcome to pursue all legal avenues and procedures as provided in Kenya’s constitution.

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