Size 8 and Dj Mo Rubbish break up rumors

Size 8 and Dj Mo Rubbish break up rumors
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Power couple size 8 and Dj Mo caused quite a stir on social media a few days ago, with reports claiming that the two had unfortunately split up.

Following the allegations, the couple decided it was best to dismiss them, claiming that they were unfounded.

Size 8 and Dj Mo
Power couple Size 8 reborn with hubby Dj Mo. Image: Courtesy

Addressing the public through Plug TV, the two were hand in hand, saying that whatever they show the people is whatever they want them to see.

“Low moments ni zile tu za online mtu amesema kitu they haven’t verified. They just want to get clicks,” said Dj Mo.

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The pair, like any other normal couple, admit to having their low points, implying that whatever happened recently that caused them to unfollow each other on Instagram was one of them.

“We have several lowest moments. One thing about us, we don’t pretend. Ukiangalia what we post sometimes ka tuko low, ama we want to put a point across, tukitaka kuonyesha wasee tuko na highs na lows. Tunafight, tunacheka,” he added.

The parents of two also stated that despite airing their family and relationship to the public, their lives are still private because what they share is only about 30% of who they truly are.

“I keep saying this. People know 30 percent of who we are. Trust me, we put what we want people to know. But most of the things are very private, people don’t know,” remarked Mo.

They do, however, suggest that where they are now is different from where they were before, as their relationship has matured over time.

“We are a normal couple, kitambo nilikua na ujinga. Babe unakumbuka vile nilikuaga nafunga mlango? Mo alikua anakuja anakuta nimefunga mlango nimeenda nimelala aty nimemkasirikia,” said Size 8.

They see themselves differently than other couples do because other couples “choose not to show the other side.”

“Hizi couples ziko kwa social media, unashangaa unauliza, sisi hupigananga home, kwani hawa hawapiganangi. Just learn that all couples go through a lot, na please wacha kujicompare na watu kwa social media,” they finished.

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