“Sina maoni” man to enjoy a 3-day sponsored vacation

“Sina maoni” man to receive a 3 days vacation for his honesty

The calm and honest Uasin Gishu man dubbed “Sina maoni,” whose funny clueless response has cracked ribs and even sparked the creation of memes online, will receive a three-day vacation for his honesty.

Bonfire Adventures CEO Simon Kabu, who is the vacation organizer, went out on Instagram through his story, urging Kenyans to assist him in locating the man, to award him with some leisure during this political season.

“Sina maoni” man to enjoy a 3-day sponsored vacation

“Kabisimon is looking for “sina maoni”. Mtu wa “sina maoni” ako wapi tumpatie 3 days holiday na Bonfire Adventures and Events aweze kupata maoni,” hilariously requested Kabu.

“Sina maoni” made headlines on Tuesday, August 9, at about 5 a.m when Citizen TV’s Chemutai Goin was asking citizens if they believed security had been increased to their satisfaction, and if they thought the election would be free and fair.

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“Kuna watu ambao walikuwa na hisia tofauti kuhusu labda usalama ikiwa umeimarishwa, ikiwa uchaguzi huu utakuwa huru na haki, je wewe kama mpiga kura ambaye umefika tayari kupiga kura, maoni yako ni yepi?” asked Chemutai.

She then approached one of the occupants on the queue, who answered calmly, and rather shy with outstanding expressions saying,

“Kulingana na mimi, sina maoni. Sina maoni kabisa.”

His response left Goin and those in line next to him in laughter. The interview took rounds on social media, as KOT responded.

On other polls, towel man, or rather towel men, were characters, whose pictures were doing rounds on social media after heading to the polling stations still in towels as if they rushed out of the bathroom to vote.

One had a brown towel while the other had a pink towel tied to his waist. Whether just for clout or in actual urgency to vote, they left us all speechless.

At another Kenyan polling station, a woman had strapped a teddy bear on her back, like a baby while queuing to vote. We’ve got to hand it to the lady, we all dread long queues, but this was probably the worst attempt if the teddy bear was purposed to skip the line as a real baby and its carer would.

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