Sierra Leone Citizens Decry High Living Standards

Sierra Leone Citizens protest against high living standards in the nation
Sierra Leone faces violent Anti-government protests as Sierra Leone Citizens demonstrate against the rising cost of living turning lives horrific.

Sierra Leone citizens demonstrated against the rising cost of living turning the African country’s situation into a horrid one.

The demonstrators called for the resignation of President Julius Maada Bio and took to the streets to protest against a rise in the prices of products the nation is faced with.

Several protesters and members of security have been reported dead from the collision and fight engaged in between the people and the police.

Police inspector general William Fayia Sellu, said six police officers had been killed as of Thursday, August 11. The death toll for protesters was however not immediately available.

Addressing the Nation, Sierra Leone’s vice president Mohammed Juldeh Jalloh has called on a Nationwide curfew to assist tame the rising tension and spate of violence.

“The government reaffirms its commitment to maintaining law and order including protecting the fundamental rights of the general public. The security sector has been authorized to fully enforce these directives,” he said.

Demonstrations ensued yesterday as the people called for the resignation of the current president Julius Bio for having failed to salvage the situation at hand.

According to a demonstrator, freedom of speech in the country has been suppressed as the economy keeps succumbing resulting in high standards of living.

The women joined in the demonstration calling for respect and upholding of women’s rights in the nation saying they had suffered long enough.

The protesters decried that more than half of Sierra Leone’s citizens (8 million people) are living under the poverty line.

Demonstrators demanded the departure of President Bio, who was elected in 2018 and still has 10 months left in his term.

The streets were filled with chants of “Bio must go” as the angry crowd made their way through Freetown, Sierra Leone’s capital.

President Bio in return called for calm among the protesters as he promised an investigation into the issue and protest violence.

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