Mudavadi to Deliver 90% of Vihiga Votes To Ruto

ANC Party leader Musalia Mudavadi to deliver 90% of Vihiga votes to DP William Ruto
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Amani National Congress (ANC) party leader Musalia Mudavadi is now under new pressure over clinching 90per cent of Vihiga County votes for Deputy President William Ruto amid 7 days to the August 9 poll.

Ruto’s political smart cards over Vihiga County intend to turn the tables around on their opponents, Azimio La Umoja, who man the highest score of votes from the largest part of the Western region, as per the Info track and Tifa poll research.

The Kenya Kwanza flagbearer, who trailed his campaign in Vihiga on Sunday, July 31, stated that the 75 percent proposed was not enough to ward off Odinga, who has made inroads in the vote-rich area.

“The 75 percent Vihiga people want is too little. This should at least be pulled up. Ninety percent is a better outcome. We want you to give us 90 percent, “DP Ruto stated.

Both Raila and Ruto are under pressure to sway the masses to attract more votes to their side, days before the general election.

Kenya Kwanza has continued its charm offensive campaigns against the Azimio flagbearer in order to reach the 70% target that would guarantee the region a 30% share of government if Ruto wins the election.

Mudavadi to Deliver 90% of votes to DP William Ruto in Vihiga County
UDA presidential aspirant Dr William Ruto speaking during a Kenya Kwanza rally in Laikipia County on Saturday February 26, 2022

The ANC leader, Musalia Mudavadi, and his Ford Kenya counterpart have previously denied reports that a deal signed with Ruto tasked them to deliver the Western vote or forgo a lion’s share of their government should he win the polls.

Raila Odinga, the Azimio candidate, received 90 percent of the vote in Vihiga County in 2017.

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The county has 25 electoral wards and 5 constituencies; Vihiga, Sabatia, Hamisi, Luanda, and Emuhaya Constituency. According to the latest records by IEBC, the county has over 310,000 registered voters.

The leaders who had accompanied the Kenya Kwanza principals called on the residents of Vihiga to turn out in large numbers on August 9 to ensure Mudavadi becomes part of the government after the next election.

“We want you to vote for William Ruto to send Raila to Bondo, The journey has already started in Mombasa with Mohammed Ali,” Ndindi Nyoro stated.

DP Ruto also noted that voting overwhelming for them would help to stop the Azimio flagbearer from contesting the outcome of the election in the courts.

“You can see Raila is fighting IEBC. We don’t want to give him any chance to cause violence by uprooting the railway, swearing himself, or going to the supreme court.” 

Wetang’ula reiterated and pleaded with the electorate to vote for Ruto to the last man.

“A vote for Ruto is a vote for Mudavadi and me.” “That’s the reason you should turn out in large numbers to send the old man home,” said Wetang’ula.

Leaders from the region further lauded the President for awarding a charter to Kaimosi Friends University College, stating that it was their right and not a favor from the President.

The President is expected to tour the country on Monday to launch several projects.

It is expected that President Kenyatta will use the chance to further drum up support for Azimio flag-bearer Raila Odinga, whom he has publicly endorsed as his preferred successor.

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