Marked Ballot Papers Recovered from Police Officers

Ballot papers Kilgoris
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Two police officers and a civilian have been arrested in Kilgoris, Narok County, after being found in possession of marked Presidential ballot Papers.

The report by Transmara West Police in Narok County indicates that investigations are currently underway into the Monday evening incident where two officers were found moving marked ballot papers in a car.

The officers who have since been taken into custody were interrupted while hauling the presidential marked ballot papers at Shell Petrol Station, in Kilgoris after members of the public raised alarm.

The two officers have been identified as Michael Cheptoo, a Sergeant, and Daniel Chepkwony, a constable.

The IEBC officers of the region confirmed that materials were still in transit according to the locally dispatched IEBC officers’ account.

The police stopped by the Shell Petrol Station in Kilgoris town to refuel their car when members of the public noticed suspicious activity.

“Some members of the public who had gotten suspicious reported the matter before our officers quickly responded,” said an officer.

One presidential ballot box was destroyed by the enraged crowd during the incident.

Other voting materials found in their possession include a register of voters for Kilgoris prison, results booklet s/no 61-62, 18-29 3), 12pcs of presidential ballot papers, 4) form 35c 2pcs, 5) form 36c 8pcs, 6) form 34b 20pcs, 7) form 39b 16pcs, 8) form 35b 24pcs, 9) form 36b 27pcs, 10) 38b 26pcs, 11).

Also confiscated was a copy of the work ticket for the hired vehicles(2022).

Meanwhile, DCI officers in the neighbouring County of Kisii have arrested a man in possession of 118 ID cards.

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The suspect was picked up from a Kisii town hotel and booked at the Central Police station as investigations start.

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