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Fact Checked: IEBC not conducting Elections in Australia

Australia has no IEBC-registered voters

There were numerous claims on Twitter that claimed to show the results of a vote at the Kenyan Embassy in Australia, on Tuesday, August 9.


Only 12 nations—Burundi, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States of America, South Sudan, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Germany—are participating in the IEBC’s diaspora voting process.

According to a fact check done by Citizen, stories of votes allegedly cast by Kenyans living in Australia in Kenya’s general election are untrue.

The next president of Kenya will be chosen by the country’s 22.1 million registered voters this year in a contest that has drawn four outlandish contenders: Raila Odinga, George Wajackoyah, David Mwaure, and William Ruto.

There are 10,443 Kenyans living abroad, and 7,483 are entitled to vote in Kenya’s prisons.

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission

There are 63 total political parties participating in the election, and there are at least 11,330 candidates vying for seats in those parties.

A total of 3752 independent candidates are running in the national election for various seats.

According to IEBC election data, 261 women are standing for county MP seats, while 1,473 people are vying for Member of Parliament positions, according to IEBC election data.

9,142 people are competing for County Assembly, 183 people are running for Governor, and 263 people are standing for Senator, among other positions.


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