Let’s go to Court – Obinna tells Baby Mama

Oga Obinna, Kiss FM presenter was caught up in controversy that his baby mother Adalola had started by accusing him of being difficult to co-parent with.
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Kiss FM presenter, Oga Obinna, has put his foot down and told his baby mama Adalola to take legal action after she accused him of being a difficult co-parent.

Oga Obinna and his baby mama Adalola

On The Morning Kiss show, Obinna requested that Adalola file a lawsuit since he does not intend to discuss the matter in public.

“I had said that I am not gonna respond due to the wellness of the kids. I woke up today and saw very many messages from people who don’t even know me insulting me. I have talked to a couple of my friends who matter to me and I said I will never address a baby mama issue in the public,” he said.

Obinna claimed to have evidence against her accusations that would in turn shame her if he made them public.

“I have receipts of everything. If I decide to release all this, the baby mama might end up being depressed for the rest of her life and she will be broken for the rest of her life. So I chose not to for her sake. But I would like to say that there are a lot of men in a toxic relationship but we don’t talk about it.”

Adalola claimed in her Instagram stories that Obinna had taken videos and edited them to create a negative impression of her.

“Someone pops in where you are and start taking videos. They go ahead and edit the video, remove all the good parts and post the bad ones,” she alleged.

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In a different story, Ada said that Obinna had been threatening to call the police on her and that after she stopped pressuring him to take responsibility, he started attempting to take the kids away from her.

She reportedly pleaded with him to stop subjecting her to online bullies.
“We are not the first ones to go our separate ways.”

Well, it seems Obinna is ready to go the legal way.

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