Kenyans, we still Need a Country after the Election

Kenya Election Peace

With barely hours left to the General Election, the Political atmosphere is tense, and in every Kenyan mind is Tuesday’s General Election set for August 9, 2022.

As it is, elections account for a date with destiny, and within five-year intervals, we head back to the ballot. As Kenyans, we must stay in peace, and order, and stay committed to our nation’s stability before and after the Election.

Kenya peace

It has been four years of drama and a complete mind juggle in the political circus, since the handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and then opposition leader Raila Odinga, that introduced a new era of politics.

We witnessed the bitter rivalry between Kenyan’s top foremost political protagonists, Uhuru and Raila, end in a surprise and unexpected handshake that developed into a political outfit that is today looking to form the next government.

Parties that started out this new era as a whole were split into factions which ultimately ended up coalitions. It is a format that has seen the traditions of the ruling party that began in 2002, retained.

The political formations occurred as a Kenyan pre-election event. We had NARC out of KANU and NDP, we had Jubilee out of TNA and URP and we now have Kenya Kwanza out of UDA, ANC, FORD-Kenya, and others as well as Azimio La Umoja, out of Jubilee, ODM, and Wiper among others.

In the past four elections, Kenyans have somehow always learned a lesson from the election outcome.

Kenya Election Peace
Election is once but life is daily. Switch4peace.

This Tuesday we are queuing up to drop a choice within a box, to pick on something to take us through the next five years, and we truly yearn for better structured political parties, rational political formations founded on ideals and ideologies, a practical and predictable democratic system, and better political campaigns.

We look forward to a better voting exercise, for most of us are questioning what that rowdiness was about. And I don’t mean the noise or frenzy of political campaigns, but the negative trait spreading roots in our politics.
2022 campaigns have been deeply engraved in a contest of negativity from the ugly fallout between President Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto to the equally intense contest between Ruto and Azimio boss Raila Odinga. We have reasons to wish for improvement in terms of the quality of our political dialogue.

With social media shaping the landscape and insinuating disgraceful outcomes of political dialogues in this country. Raw hatred and disrespect have tainted the image of a country concerning politics and leadership.

May we yearn for a Tuesday of sobriety, grace, and patriotism, since we are all Kenyans at the end of the day, whichever way the election goes.

Our citizenship and right to belong as Kenyans are crucial since some of the campaign languages and online fiery threads have been apocalyptic.

The do-or-die attitude that some Kenyans usually approach in elections should be revisited at individual levels — is it worth it?

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Fellow Kenyans it is not that serious, it is not a matter of doing or dying, win or lose we will still be Kenyans from Tuesday and beyond, walking the same ground, under the same sun, and under the same government and national flag for better or worse.

So Kenyans use your lungs not your heart; and breath.

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