Kenyans have Internet on Election’s Eve – Ugandan journalist Simon Njala

Internet on Elections Eve

A Ugandan journalist Simon Kaggwa Njala shocked by the fact that Kenyans can access the internet on Elections Eve.

The NBS TV station presenter Njala has reacted in shock over the Kenyan government’s decision to keep the internet on 24 hours before the voting day.

Internet on Elections Eve
Kaggwa Njala

 how the government led by President Uhuru Kenyatta had not shut down the internet with less than 24 hours to the voting day.

The renowned media personality singled out the accessibility of internet and freedom of Kenyans online, after Uganda restricted internet use during their last Presidential Election, in which the incumbent President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni defeated activist Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu.

“This is shocking. Kenyans have the internet on the eve of elections,” the statement posted on Monday, August 7, read in part.

Following his observation of Kenyan polls, a section of Ugandans talked highly of Kenya for holding such a mature democracy claiming it has allowed citizens a chance to practice civic responsibility without interference.

“There is opposition but their quality and mindset are different; ours hereon are too angry, obstinate, recalcitrants and extremists. Kenya is a mature society with a critical mass of genuine middle class,” Ayeny Angulo wrote on his social media page, responding to an NBS TV journalist.

Others praised Kenyans for maintaining peace ahead of the voting day, comparing it to Uganda where elections are often characterized by physical violence. 

“It is shocking, they even don’t know how to use tear gas,” Matsiko Robert commented.

“Clear testimony that Kenya has grown politically and Uganda has some growing to take,” another Ugandan national wrote on her social media platform.

Even so, a section of Kenyans disagreed with the positive comments about Kenya’s preparation for the elections. the government of trying to manipulate the polls.

“The incumbent can manipulate state agencies to his interests. I hope the electoral atmosphere is a little fairer,” a Kenyan stated. 

The comparison between Kenya and Uganda comes just days after Azimio la Umoja Presidential Candidate Raila Odinga aroused opinions by refusing to be compared with East African countries.

“Other people have continued to compare Kenya with countries around us. Oh look at Somalia, look at Ethiopia, South Sudan, look at Uganda, and so on. Kenyans do not want to be compared with the worst in the world. We should be compared with success stories and I give people the examples,” Raila stated while meeting lecturers.

A section of Ugandans claimed that their country is in an upward direction.

Njala, who aroused a debate between the two countries, gained global fame while hosting his morning show Breeze, during the session where he had a guest Pepe Julian Onziema, a transgender LGBT rights activist.

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Onziema received international award for her performance in the interview where she elaborated on gender identity.

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