Kansiime painfully recalls how series of abortions almost cost her motherhood

Kansiime painfully recalls how series of abortions almost cost her motherhood
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Ugandan comedian Anne Kansiime recently confessed to having had several abortions while still a campus student.

The comedian, who recently had a baby boy, revealed that she had a string of miscarriages before finally having a successful birth, believing it was a punishment from God for the many pregnancies she had terminated.

“Miscarriage happen to people who’ve never aborted in life but when you get a miscarriage of a child that you want, whether you want it or not you start questioning yourself why and you find that there are reasons and they are there,

“I started counting how many times I aborted at campus and started praying,” she disclosed while in an interview with Bump Love.

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Moving on from her past mistakes, the comedian revealed that she believed she couldn’t have a child because she had been cursed by the men she had slept with and whose pregnancies she had terminated.

“I started counting how many times I aborted at campus, I started praying prayers for all the men that I have ever imbibed. I was like who cursed me? Then you are like God you said when we ask for forgiveness, we are forgiven. And the truth is when you ask Him for a child, He tells you yes,

“I thought that there could be some people out there with evil intentions trying to stop me from having children,” she continued.

After years of being childless, Kansiime was blessed with her first child Selassie Ataho, on April 15, 2021, with her husband Skylanta.

“I asked God to forgive me and I remember telling God that I want a child, I am retiring at 35 years and he answered my prayer and gave a child at 36 years old,” said Kansiime.

Her first husband divorced her in 2017 after four years of marriage, with reports claiming that the two split up due to her inability to bear children.

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