Otile Brown takes on Arrow Bwoy beef-I felt disrespected

After months of silence, Jacob Obunga alias Otile Brown has recently decided to address his beef with musician Arrow Bwoy, which erupted after the “DigiDigi” singer decided to release their collaboration song from his new album ‘Focus’ without his permission.

“Arrow Bwoy is one of the artists that I respected a lot. He asked me and my team a couple of times on releasing the song but I informed him that the song itself is old, so we decided to do away with it,” he expressed.

In an interview with Presenter Ali, Otile Brown said Arrow Bwoy asked him for permission to release the song on several occasions but he respectfully declined.

The new ambassador of the yet-to-be-released TecnoCamon 19, said he felt hurt and disrespected by Arrow Bwoy after he decided to still release the song and refused to take it down despite his request.

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“I was hurt.  I had given him the respect that he deserved but I didn’t know that he would disrespect me in return,” Otile Brown said.

“He himself knows just how much I have been nice to him and for him to neglect my decision and released the song whether I liked it or not, made me feel disrespected,”  he added.

However, when asked if this had an impact on their past relationship, Brown said they had never been friends;

“We have never been friends. We have never had a close relation and I feel like maybe that is the reason why he felt he’d release the song without my consent. But at the end of the day, people do not need to have a close relation for them to respect each other.”

Despite the feud, Brown refers to Arrow Boy as his “Brother.”

“It’s all love. He’s my brother but if I meet him, I will let him know that whatever he did was not good.” 

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