How Divalicious character earned Eric Omondi Sh7.2 million

Eric Omondi
According to Eric Omondi, he is busy making money while everyone is expressing their opinions on him.Eric has become popular due to the Divalicious role
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According to Eric Omondi, he is busy making money while everyone is expressing their opinions on him.

Eric Omondi
The Divalicious character earned Eric Omondi 7.2 Million

Eric Omondi, a comedian, has disclosed that his Divalicious character, which is currently the talk of the town, has already secured him a brand endorsement deal.

After making multiple appearances in videos dressed as a woman, Omondi has become popular on social media.

Eric said, the character will be formally introduced in September in conjunction with a cosmetics firm that has offered him a three-year contract worth Sh7.2 million.

It involves a program where he conducts interviews with various celebrities.

In the agreement, the comedian stated, he would receive payment for both his performance as Divalicious and for himself.

“In September, Divalicious will be launched as the official brand ambassador for Nara Luxury Africa. If you look at the caption I placed alongside the video, it is not only Divalicious who has been contracted but also Eric Omondi, who will be the host of the event, meaning the company is paying Omondi and Divalicious separately. As everyone is giving their opinions about me, I am making money,” he explained.

The Divalicious character was identified by him as “a 21-year-old who has arrived in the city from Kisumu and she is already creating a buzz. There is nothing in my career that I have done which is ordinary, everything I do is extraordinary.”

Cross-dressing is widely accepted in certain nations and doesn’t cause any concern, but in Kenya, male celebrities who cross-dress face criticism from the public for going too far and failing to appear manly enough.

While some of his fans praised his flawless makeup, others criticized him for his antics on social media.

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Cross-dressing, or donning clothing from the other sex, has become common in the twenty-first century.
The conduct would have been condemned upon a few years ago, but in today’s society, it is normal.

People cross-dress for a variety of purposes, including self-expression, art, culture, amusement, or for sexual reasons. To ensure they properly convey their message, comedians also dress differently.

Other well-known Kenyans who cross-dress include Kinuthia, Flaqo, Dennis Karuri, Shaniqwa, Crazy Kennar, Peter Nyongo Junior, Chimano, MCA Tricky, Njugush, Terence Creative (Kamami), George Kimani, and George Kagwe.

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