Governor-Elect Simba Arati Turns Down Ksh 57 Million

Governor-Elect Simba Arati turns down 57 million for swearing-in ceremony
Governor-Elect Simba Arati amazed citizens after turning down a sum of 57 million set aside just for a swearing-in ceremony

The Governor-Elect Simba Arati, of Kisii County, has touched the hearts of citizens after turning down a massive sum of 57 million set aside just for a swearing-in ceremony.

“How can I spend the 57 million in a day just for a celebration while we have no drugs in hospitals, no water at our homes, and stalled health care facilities,” Arati noted

The governor committee set aside a sum of money for the celebration of the governor and deputy, buying them cars, furnishing their houses, and paying the rent money for the duo.

speaking to his residents as preparations for the ceremony were ongoing, the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) member Simba Arati declared the swearing ceremony bills of up to 3 million on himself.

In response to the new car bills, he remarked that he will still use his current car and hence cites a new car as of no essence and maintains that he would still stay in his house awaiting completion of the governor’s office.

“I had to cut off this budget because I already have a car, I can’t put this car aside because I need a brand new one, my deputy governor will be using the previous car the outgoing governor was using,” Arati stated

In reference to his vision for his people, he urged fund usage in solving problems the county is facing including; less and lack of some drugs in the hospitals, shortage of fresh water, and improving the infrastructure for healthcare in the county.

Based on the depiction of service with attention to the people’s needs, the governor-elect has shown a notion of setting the people’s priorities ahead of every other want as a leader.

As the swearing-in ceremonies of various governors-elect in 47 counties are set to be ongoing today, two counties won’t join as they await their elections.

Mombasa and Kakamega residents are still sounding drums of the campaign in preparation for the oncoming 29th gubernatorial elections after a postponement by the Electoral Commission’s chairman citing misprints in the ballot papers allocated.

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