Election Observers Express Satisfaction in Voting process

Jakaya Kikwete chairman of EAC Election Observers calls out a fair and free election
EAC Observer Chairman, Jakaya Kikwete has said the processes under which polls were conducted are credible and depict the will of the people.
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The East Africa Community through the EAC Election Observers Chairman, Jakaya Kikwete, has said the August 9 General Election was conducted in a credible and fair manner and that it depicted the will of the people.

As an Ex-president of Tanzania, the EAC observer commended the electoral body for conducting the polls in a satisfactory manner.

Despite the use of professional security, Kikwete pointed out the zeal in the people to engage in the process that involved both the young and women alluding to officials having conducted the elections did so professionally.

Some of the hiccups witnessed by the EAC Observer included: instances of failure of technology that must be identified for corrective measures to be put in place, as most polling stations opened on time some opened late, and there is a need for IEBC to take corrective measures on those that opened late.

The observers further emphasised that the use of Technology by IEBC in the voting process was indeed a success aside from the issues experienced.

Kikwete advised the need to pay attention to party agents and especially identified the numerous agents representing independent candidates that needed to be looked into.

In conclusion, he expressed his belief in the manner that the elections have been held for being transparent and accessible as the citizens await results from the tallying process.

“We are advising those who will not be satisfied with the outcome to follow the due process of seeking answers which are through the court, in a call for peace among the people,” he said.

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