Don’t ever address me! Eric Omondi blasts Kamene, Obinna

Eric Omondi

Comedian Eric Omondi, fumingly took to the internet yesterday to blast Kiss Fm presenters; Kamene Goro, and Oga Obinna.

Omondi, in a 3-minute long ranting monologue, told the two radio presenters to never compare themselves to him let alone address him.

“Don’t ever address me, there’s a reason I have more followers than you, I have more money than you, I have more shows than you,” the self-proclaimed president of comedy shouted.

Eric Omondi
” I have been to 9 Countries in one and a half months and you have never left this Country. DON’T EVER ADDRESS ME…!!!!”

“Nikisema mimi ni president, I mean it and it’s not comedy… when I talk, you sit your a** down and listen. The self-proclaimed International president was agitated and uncontrollably vexed.

What started off as a calm clip of Eric wishing Kenyans a happy election and urging Kenyans to vote for peace, turned into something else.

This was a result of Kiss Fm’s morning show, where the Dazzling Kamene Goro and Comedian, Oga Obinna questioned the entertainment value Eric was graciously serving us. Obinna labelled our International president Eric, as ” lost” and raised concerns,  “I think he is going through something…”.

The Kiss Fm presenters went ahead to discuss Eric’s cross-dressing and questioned marketers for using opposite genders to market their products.” It is safe to come out if you want to..” Obinna stated. An agitated Eric clapped back, leaving mixed reactions from his fans, as he gained more new fans.

” I have been to nine Countries in one and a half months and you have never left this Country. DON’T EVER ADDRESS ME…!!!!”

Our Dazzling Kamene and Obinna were not left behind as they responded to the clip.

Eric Omondi

The plot thickened today as the Kiss Fm presenter Obinna, despite being advised by our International President, Eric to keep his name out of his mouth, did not do as ordered.

During the morning show, Obinna said: “We don’t judge, jibambe babygirl.” 32-year-old Obinna, goes ahead and advises his senior, 35-year-old Eric to stop doing PR stunts and start living and experiencing life.
As the plot thickens we will keep you in the know dear readers.

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