Donald Kipkorir: Raila Was Betrayed by Close Allies

Donald Kipkorir calls out Raila's allies for his failure

Renowned Lawyer Donald Kipkorir has begun an onslaught on the people close to Raila Odinga as he points them out for having promulgated the failure witnessed in the elections.

Donald Kipkorirsaid the Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga was betrayed by people close to him.

Being an Azimio die-hard, the lawyer cautioned that the same way they sabotaged the presidential election process is how they might mess up with the petition as well.

Hinting at how critically the Azimio secretariat failed to manage the ODM leader’s presidential agents in the 2022 election which did cost the Azimio candidate his presidency.

Citing that the Azimio secretariat did not fully play their role of ensuring that the former prime minister’s agents were placed and well resourced in all the polling stations throughout the country.

“Raila Odinga was let down and betrayed by the people closest to him and those who ran Azimio Secretariat. They lied to him they had everything under control. They lied all agents were in place and paid,” Kipkorir.

Further alleging that there is a possibility of lies about a water-tight petition in the Supreme Court as the same people may sabotage the case.

“Now, they are lying about the Supreme Court case instead of working on it to be foolproof,” he added.

Based on his view of the tallying process, the close association with the ODM leader said that the tallying process exposed several shortcomings in the management of the election agents.

“IEBC has announced the presidential results and declared William Ruto the winner. Azimio should immediately go into soul searching on what derailed baba’s victory. The tally process exposed glaring and gaping recklessness, ineptitude, and sabotage by Azimio apparatchiks,” Kipkorir said.

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