Form 34 Decoded: All you need to know about Presidential Results

IEBC Form 34
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Form 34 is used to document the presidential result all the way from the polling station to the national tallying centre

On Tuesday, August 9, Kenyans went to the polls to exercise their democratic right, voting for their preferred leaders. The most anticipated results are the presidential election results that use form 34.

As Kenyans await for the final announcement to be made by the electoral commission (IEBC) chairman, Wafula Chebukati, one cannot fail to hear Form 34 mentioned during the tallying process. However, This is just one of the many types of forms used to record and declare election results.

Form 34

Form 34 is used in documenting the presidential result all the way from the polling station to the national tallying centre.

The following is the list of Forms 34 ranging from A to C:

Form 34A

This form is used at the polling station where the presiding officer enters the results from that particular polling station. The officer is tasked with submitting a soft copy of the form electronically to the IEBC portal and then takes the hard copy to the constituency tallying centre.

The form includes the number of votes cast for each presidential candidate, the total number of registered voters from that station and the number of rejected or disputed votes.

In total there are 40,883 Form 34As submitted to the portal.

Form 34B

This form is used to group all results from the polling station under the constituency level. It contains the polling station code, station name, number of registered voters, votes for each presidential candidate and the number of votes cast.

A total of 290 Form 34Bs are submitted to the IEBC portal and also taken physically to the national tallying centre, Bomas of Kenya.

Form 34C

This is the combination of all Form 34Bs into one form. It’s the form that the IEBC chairman, Wafula Chebukati will use to announce the next president.

However, there is a verification process to verify the physical Form 34Bs and the ones submitted to the portal before being collated into Form 34C.

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