Bahati makes first public appearance after losing Mathare MP Seat

Bahati celebrating son's birthday

Artist turned politician Bahati, who passionately campaigned for his parliamentary seat in Mathare but lost, has made his first public appearance since the elections.


Bahati’s defeat did not stop him from enjoying some family time, as he celebrated his son Majesty’s birthday.

Bahati- I Have Spent Ksh33 Million On Campaign, Will Spend Ksh10 Million On Election Day
Bahati emerged last with 8,166 votes, with his opponent Anthony Oluoch taking victory with 28,098 votes.

Bahati and his wife Diana Marua celebrated their son’s third birthday by cutting a police-themed cake in the presence of close friends and family.

Through a snippet shared on his heavily pregnant wife’s Instagram story, Bahati was seen with a slight smile on his face, while helping his son cut his birthday cake.

“A Big Shout out to everyone who came through to celebrate with us. I love you all sooo very much, You all made it special in different ways, thank you,” Marua captioned in one of her several birthday posts.

The singer emerged last with 8,166 votes, with his opponent Anthony Oluoch taking victory with 28,098 votes.

Bahati celebrating son's birthday
Singer Bahati recently during his son’s birthday

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Bahati, not taking his defeat lightly, rushed to Instagram to query the IEBC, protesting about the Mathare constituency’s vote counting procedure.


“DEAR I.E.B.C We Need Answers!!! Everything is at Stand Still at The St. Teresa’s Tallying Centre and we can Sense Rigging Plans…. TELL US WHAT’S HAPPENING!!!” captioned Bahati.

His allegations, however, elicited a range of reactions, with some supporting him to keep fighting for the seat and others advising him to accept the loss and try again in the next elections.

Before the polls, Bahati stated that he had spent Ksh33 million on his campaign for Mathare MP and that he was willing to spend Ksh10 million more on Tuesday, August 9.

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Speaking in an interview with Tanzanian blogger Millard Ayo, the “mama” hitmaker claimed that campaigning for a parliamentary seat goes up to about Ksh50 million.

When questioned if he used any money from his music during the campaign, Bahati stated that he donated Ksh10 million from his music to the campaign.

The father-to-be revealed that if he won the MP seat, his monthly salary would be Ksh1 million per month; nevertheless, he emphasized that this was not the reason he was running, as he was more inspired by what he would do for the people.


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