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Azimio Leaders now accuses the IEBC chairman of Treason


Azimio leaders Raila and his running mate Martha Karua now claim the election had been rigged before August 9th, accusing IEBC Chairman for Treason.


In affidavits filed in the Supreme Court, the Azimio leaders stated external infiltration, a manipulation by IEBC Chairman, and doctored forms 34A; adding that Wafula Chebukati masterminded the subversion of the will of the people, accusing them of treason.

Azimio Presidential Candidate, Raila Odinga.

The Azimio leaders claim 19 foreigners and two Kenyans had accessed the IEBC system inconveniencing the integrity of the election systems.
In a six-page affidavit submitted to the Supreme Court, Raila states that he was disturbed by the declaration of William Ruto as president-elect with 7.1 million votes against his 6.9 million votes.

And in a detailed 45-page affidavit, Martha Karua claimed 21 individuals had access to the IEBC system compromising the security and integrity of the presidential election.

Karua stated that out of the 21 individuals, 19 were foreigners and two were Kenyans.

Karua claimed the arrest of three Venezuela nationals at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport at the onset of the election preparations, had exposed the foreign plot and its players.

The three foreigners were found with vital electoral materials including electronic devices and access to IEBC systems according to a forensic audit conducted by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations.

With alleged access to the back end of the IEBC system, Karua claims in her affidavit that the IEBC chairman masterminded the staging, whereby forms 34A from polling stations were interrupted and temporarily held at the external address, doctored, and manipulated before being re-uploaded into the IEBC public portal.

Karua further added that on the 11th of August in 9 minutes the commission public portal received a record 11,000 forms 34A. Karua claims the system was designed to allow staging and manipulation.

The Azimio running mate submitted that the unethical deals at IEBC were all known to Chebukati way before the election.

Karua indicated the IEBC chairman willfully set out to bend the will of the people and overthrew the constitutional order by declaring Ruto as president-elect in a deceitful process.

Karua accuses Chebukati of treason on account of attempting to overthrow the constitutional order and the sovereign will of the people as expressed through the ballot.

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The split at the commission found a place in the Azimio deputy leader affidavit stating that the disowning of Chebukati’s declaration by four commissioners demonstrated that there was no consensus within the commission on who won the presidential election and thereby Ruto’s victory, declaration, and gazettement was invalid, null and void.


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