Akothee says she would not tolerate a man who shows interest in her daughters


Akothee, the self-declared president of single mothers, asserts that she would never remain with a man who shows signs of interest in her girls. According to her that is abomination.


Through social media, the single mother of five referred to it as an incest.
Akothee claimed that if her man continued to focus on her girls, she would become very personal.

She promised to promptly dump that man. Akothee was describing the African culture, which forbids men from making jokes around their mother-in-laws.

“In An African culture, no man is allowed to date, joke or admire the mother in-law (the woman who has given birth to your wife ) forget about even hugging, or seating next to a mother in-law,” she said.

She continued;
“It’s abomination, it’s disrespectful, it’s disgusting, it’s suicidal, it’s vomitable, it’s Death.

In a normal scenario you might be digging your grave. Some mothers though ( Where do you get the Audacity to date or sleep with your son in-law, I could vomit. Mothers ,Please your daughters boyfriend/ husband should be a very no go zone. How even can you think like this ? Kwani which world ?”

Akothee noted that she finds it really awkward when her daughters tell her that their friends thought she was cute.

“I go like OK. Let it end there. I equally would get very personal if my man would dwell on my girls , ujinga is a no, tuheshimiane Utakanyaga nje.
The world will soon observe the meaning RESPECT, that inbox kidogo iko tu baad, how can a mother in-law get pregnant for a son in-law.”

In another story, Akothee opened up about battling depression.
The mother of five said that at the time she would receive calls from her family members and cry.

Through a social media post, she says she used to judge people who took their lives.

“When your mind goes to a deep rest (DEPRESSION) mental illness has no shame nor class Never underestimate the power of negative thinking.

I used to judge those who commit suicide until I lost my mind and realized that, once you lose your energy to the negative environment, and you can’t breathe or sleep anymore, there is no reason to live.
Have you ever felt alone in a world full of people? I still can’t understand.”

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She had no idea what they went through before until she experienced it.
Akothee continued by saying that when depressed, nothing makes sense.

The mother of five recounts an instance in which she requested an injection from the doctor to put into eternal sleep.

“When nothing makes sense anymore and you craving for sleep, is nothing to joke about.

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