WeNaturalists: People of Nature Awards

The launch of the WeNaturalist people of Nature awards seeks to celebrate nature lovers and global journalists specializing in nature information. WeNaturalists is an ecosystem dedicated to nature professionals and organizations. It is committed to driving collective action by every citizen of the world. 

UN Data reveals that millions of small and large solutions are being created to protect nature and take the world on a nature-positive path. This makes it evident the need and urgency to come together as a people of the world to fight climate change as the WeNaturalists People of Nature Awards seek to not only celebrate the work of nature lovers and professionals but also motivate them. 

Mr. Amit Banka, founder, and CEO WeNaturalists, said that the lack of simpler technology solutions especially those built for the community has been a hindrance for people to execute solutions hence the need for consolidating climate action, bringing the whole community to one place, enabling collaboration, empowering them with earning opportunities at one place, and facilitate simple tools to run efficient operations

Ms. Catherine Nchimbi, WeNaturalists Africa, Director, urged Journalists across the African continent to use the platform since it’s a powerhouse of information for storytellers looking to highlight stories of climate change, conservation action, and much more.

Emphasizing that it’s the largest network and solution for the people of nature. Addressing that be it ideas or discussions, journalists have a lot to gain. Since they can essentially bring on more people to resonate with nature-based careers and lifestyles.

Mr. Banka remarked on the diversity of the 16 Awards as it aims at fulfilling and giving impetus to the work of nature professionals in every corner of the world, categories ranging from, People of Nature awards including Nature Storyteller of the Year, Photographer of the Year (Flora, Fauna, Marine, Birds), Climate Change Voice of the Year, Photographer of the Year – Birds, Photographer of the Year – Fauna, Photographer of the Year – Marine, Photographer of the Year – Flora, Filmmaker of the Year, andNature Storyteller of the Year.

Journalists, bloggers, and the public who could be interested are urged to send in either a video or text story as well as imagery from across the globe with an aim to advance climate change urgency. winners will receive a cash award of up to USD 1000 each, along with a trophy for their contribution to nature. Additionally, will also get a chance to interact with a jury of nature professionals from across the globe.

According to Ms. Nchimbi, the African fourth estate has been instrumental in shaping the continent as a megaphone for the natural world. As they’ve consistently highlighted conservation stories, endangered species, and the people working towards their protection and preservation.

Calling on the need to amplify awareness creation around the protection and preservation of the natural world. Singling out the WeNaturalists platform for its efforts in stories showcasing, where all nature professionals can converge for opportunities and solutions.

Urging the African continent as a whole to delve in as it can be a source of innumerable jobs for the youth.

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