Thika Road Lock Down Following Fuel Tanker Accident

There has been a high traffic delay experienced along the Thika Superhighway this morning till noon after a tanker transporting petrol overturned along the highway between Roysambu and Githurai 45.

Overturned tanker along Thika Road past Roysambu enroute for Githurai


The tanker apparently rammed into the clay city footbridge along the Roysambu-Githurai highway, causing a lorry as well to overturn.

Police were forced to close up the road which caused a huge traffic snarl-up when the overturned tanker started spilling fuel.

In response to the incident, Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) noted the police arrived on the scene and managed the traffic as well as ensured the safety of road users.

 “KeNHA wishes to notify the public that a section of Thika Superhighway between Roysambu and Githurai (outbound traffic) has been temporarily closed after a petroleum tanker overturned and spilled fuel on the road, KeNHA’s statement read.

 KeNHA further  requested that the motorists and members of the public cooperate with the police as they roll out safety measures as the evacuation of the tanker is undergoing.

“Police are on site and controlling traffic as well as ensuring the safe evacuation of the tanker. Motorists and members of the public are asked to evacuate from the area and to cooperate with the authorities as the evacuation process takes place,” KeNHA stated to the public.

Motorists are urged to use alternative means and ways to avoid the route as the police tame the situation and effectively prevent anyone from getting harmed.

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