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State Capture is the Root Cause of Corruption- Gachagua

Kenya Kwanza Presidential running mate Rigathi Gachagua has accused the state capture system of being the principal cause of corruption in the country.


During the deputy presidential debate held at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa on Tuesday, July 19, Gachagua firmly raised concern about corruption, stating that his Kenya Kwanza government will have grip plans to mitigate the Rio agony of graft which he alleged to have eaten up the country economy.

“Corruption must be fought and the Rio corruption is state capture and conflict of interest. Voting Ruto and I will help in spearheading the third liberation and that is bringing economic changes so that we can create wealth for Kenyans,” Gachagua said.

Kenya Kwanza presidential running mate Rigathi Gachagua during the deputy presidential debate held at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa on July, 19, 2022. Image: [Courtesy]

Gachagua however, faced hurdles in describing the state capture political system which claimed to have sabotaged the country’s economy.
According to the Mathira MP, the state capture system is operated by government officials, and no interest obtain from the common mwananchi.

“State capture is where the people in power compete with citizens for scarce resources…, where the people in power use their positions to advantage themselves to get businesses unfairly”

“Where people in power allocate resources to projects where they have an interest,” he added.

How much Government Froze from Gachagua

Kenya Kwanza Presidential running mate and former Molo DO Rigathi Gachagua yesterday alluded that the government has frozen his Sh200 million, and not Sh12 billion as widely reported.

The Mathira MP claims his funds were frozen by the courts after the Jubilee administration unsuccessfully attempted to persuade him to drop his support for Deputy President William Ruto.

“I had the money when I supported [President] Uhuru in 2013, I still had the money when I supported him [again] in 2017. When I refused to abandon Ruto [after the DP and the president fell out], they froze my funds all of a sudden,” he said.

He said he is currently worth Sh600 million minus the frozen funds. Inclusive of the frozen funds, the UDA deputy presidential candidate said his total net worth is Sh800 million.

Gachagua said he got his wealth through his businesses and career in the civil service.


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