Ruto Dares Raila: Face me in the Presidential Debate

Ruto Raila

United Democratic Alliance (UDA) presidential candidate William Ruto has challenged Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya coalition leader Raila Odinga to face him in the Presidential debate set to take place on Tuesday, July, 26.


This is after the Azimio party leaders took to the podium at a rally, announcing the withdrawal of the party leader Raila, claiming that Ruto is not fit to share the podium with the Azimio presidential candidate for his lack of integrity.

Ruto and Raila at a past event
Ruto and Raila at a past event, courtesy

Ruto responded to the allegations by challenging Raila, saying that his withdrawal is a sign of fear of losing even before the Election.

Ruto further mentioned that Raila had no agenda to tell Kenyans and that was he was keeping away from the presidential debate.

The Deputy President, who appeared to be mocking the Azimio party leader, asked him to show up despite having nothing to talk about.

“I am asking him (Raila) to come, if not for any other reason so that he can tell Kenyans what Tibim and Tialala mean.”

Speaking in Nandi Hills on Monday, July 25, Ruto confirmed he is ready to debate with Raila.

“I want to encourage my opponent. Please, I will be waiting for you at the debate. Kenyans want to understand the meaning of these folktales you usually tell at your rallies. Even if you do not have a policy, just come and tell Kenyans that,” Ruto said.

Raila responded through his campaign spokesperson, Makau Mutua. Saying he (Raila) would rather attend a televised town hall meeting at Jericho Social Hall, than debate with Ruto.

Ruto on the other hand is still on the claim that Raila is avoiding a much-publicized presidential debate for lack of agenda.

“He has feared going for the debate because they cannot articulate any agenda, they have none.”

“That man who is full of rhetorics that lack clarity on what he wants for Kenyans. There is only one plan in Kenya and that is the one that Kenya Kwanza has,” Ruto said while in Kisii during a campaign rally.


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