Karua Defends her Ground in the Deputy President Bid

martha and gachagua

Martha Karua defended her position as the incoming deputy president of Kenya in the August polls, as Kenyans await the landmark event that may witness the first woman to run for office in the top position in Kenya.

Standing up against her opponent, the Azimio-OKA presidential candidate Martha Karua defended her bid for office against her adversary, Kenya Kwanza Alliance presidential candidate, Rigathi Gachagua.

Martha Karua maintained her ground to showcase the value and ability of leadership, in order to earn Kenyans’ trust to hand her the responsibility come August polls.

Karua arrived at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) the respective venue scheduled for the deputy-presidential debate accompanied by some of her family members. Among them were her grandchildren, whose faces beamed with optimism as they awaited to witness their grandmother on the brink of making history as Kenya’s first woman deputy president.

From right: Azimio One Kenya Alliance deputy presidential candidate, Martha Karua, and Rigathi Gachagua of the United Democratic alliance. During the Deputy Presidential debate.

Karua who took off into the debate with much boldness and an intriguing introduction showcased a calm and collected personality giving her a great head-start for the debate.

Martha made it clear that she did not thirst for land and her main agenda was to ensure all Kenyans’ rights and properties are respected and protected. She spoke about illegal land and emphasized that no one should take advantage of any citizen. She promises protection to Kenyans.

While answering the question about her net worth, Martha wisely unpacked how she had appreciated from a worth of KSh56 million in 2013 to KSh150 million currently. This approved her productivity, while also displaying transparency and integrity.

“I’m worth KSh.15O million currently, and the KSh.56 million has appreciated. I haven’t had any new properties because I am not hungry to amass wealth. I hunger to serve and transform. If you are looking for Karua to be a billionaire, I am not. I have a house on my father’s land and I’m grateful,” she said.

Karua also responded to her opponent’s lack of knowledge on Kerosene prices in Kenya, earning another point for Azimio on the night.

“My friend Gachagua doesn’t know that currently, the Jubilee government has a fertilizer subsidy, and a bag is retailing at KSh2,900. The only problem is with the distribution,” Karua said.

She ensured Kenyan Farmers the government had already implemented the subsidization of fertilizer to cut the cost of farm inputs.

Karua talked about the economic strings being pulled by the war in Ukraine. Urged citizens to embark on safe agricultural production to curb food shortage. She promised to enable access to farm inputs at an affordable price.

Karua, who over the years in her political career has been very, resilient, honest, and straightforward, remains the popular deputy presidential candidate, according to the info track statistics. Martha who banks on her straight political career and neat records with zero graft cases seems to be the picture-perfect leader Kenyans pray for especially now when the economy of the country is crawling.

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