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Baragoi High School Closed, Teacher Shot Dead

Teacher at Baragoi High School shot dead

Cyrus Kirukura, a teacher at Baragoi High School, Samburu County, was shot dead outside the school gate yesterday, forcing the closure of the school after the traumatic incident.


Baragoi High School had to be closed so that students could go home to recover from the trauma caused by the occurrence.

“This is a very unfortunate incident. He was killed 200 meters from our school’s main gate,” stated the school’s Principal Elijah Letakai.

According to police, Cyrus did not have a gun and was not associated with criminal activity. His body was transferred to Samburu County Referral Hospital Mortuary in Maralal town.

The Samburu North Deputy County Commissioner Jackson Oloo said the teacher was allegedly shot by unknown gunmen but the team has commenced investigations to find out the motive.

“We have told the students to leave so that we monitor the situation. Before the end of the week, we will have asked them to come back because we did not want collateral damage. Having laid down measures to know what caused the death of that teacher, our team is on the ground conducting investigations to find out the motive,” an officer attached to the investigation said.

Police officers urged for the closure of the school to enable officials ample time to assess the area’s situation.

Even though this is apparently a blow to the learners since the shift and compressing of the school calendar by the Ministry of Education, aiming at covering for the lost time as Covid halted operations.

The shooting has raised alarms as the citizens around the question if they can confidently feel safe when a teacher was shot just around the school’s perimeter.


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