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Africa should tap into Renewable Energy to Bridge the Power Gap

Solar Turbine

 The African continent has been urged to tap into the abundant renewable energy sources to bridge the power energy deficit facing the continent.


According to Dr Mandla Lamba, founder of Agilitee which is the first continental Electric Vehicles manufacturer, this new move will help spur industrial growth.

“ We have completed our first off-grid electric system for both households and businesses across the continent. The system is developed in collaboration with our sister company — A7 Squared. The A7 Squared develops energy storage systems for both households and businesses,” says Lamba.

The household system can generate and store up to 150kw and look at a daily average household consumption of 11 – 13kw per household per day.

This means that even if the weather is not conducive to generating energy, the energy that was generated during good weather is stored and used when needed. This is the first of its kind in Africa.

“This for Africans, it is not what Agilitee & A7 Squared are bringing but the how of is the most interesting part. The company has even considered that the electricity bill changes every season, so this has been catered for because you pay half of the bill that you usually pay each season which means the company will require your payment records for each season in order to calculate your half each season, ” Lamba confirmed.

The firm plans to roll out the installation exercise later this year.


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