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6-Year-Old Saves Two Baby Nieces from Burning House

 Makau Richard, a 6-year-old,  has proved that indeed humanity is within no bounds as it’s all about compassion and taking a step to do the right thing.



6-year-old Richard Gitonga from Itimboni village in Machakos County is now an acclaimed Superhero having bravely saved his baby nieces two and four-year-old Pendo and Christine in his mother, Damaris Makau’s absence.

According to the 6-year-old, he arrived and found their house on fire after escorting his mother who was headed for the church. The mother despite being a widow has been taking care of their family.

He quickly took his younger kins, guided them through the opening in a barbed-wire fence to a neighbor’s house for safety.


This was when he opted to seek the neighbors’ help in putting out the fire that had now increased from the living room and spreading in the house.

The young 6-year-old  hero says he lost some of his personal stuff like school books, and his stationery to the fire.

Such an act of bravery has been received with applause and the villagers are surprised as they were puzzled by the young boy’s ability to make such a decision that ensured the safety of his younger kin.

Villagers, relatives, and church members have now reached out to contribute and support the mother in renovations as well as secure the losses accrued to the fire.




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