Tanzanian musician Rayvanny intentionally sets pricey car on fire

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Tanzanian musician Rayvanny is now making it his norm to set his pricey possessions on fire for music videos.

He has recently set fire to his pricey car, for his new music video, Te Quiero (I love you), which he confesses broke his heart.

The musician’s goal to make the music video look authentic is similar to when he set fire to his pricey house less than a month ago.

“I know it is realism but there is no scene that hurt me the most like the scene where we set the car on fire,” expressed the musician on his Instagram story.

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The artist went on to explain that the most costly scene was not where he got to burn his car, but when he had to bring over 100 people on set and hire an airplane, which resulted in flights being canceled in his favor.

“For the most expensive scenes to ever exist is the airport scene. More than 100 people on set and inside the airport itself, we had to hire an airplane and when night time arrived, they were forced to cancel flights so that they give it to us,” he said.

“I never thought a day would come where I would hire an airplane, in fact for passengers,” he continued.

He however proudly expressed that the airplane scene was not easy.

“It wasn’t easy at all. Imagine a whole team of technical of aeroplanes in favour of “Chui,” (his nickname),” said Rayvanny.

The Instagram story follows after he disclosed using 100 million Tanzanian shillings (KSh 5 million), for the music video which he refers to as a movie.

In Te Quiero’s music video which starts with an airport scene, the crew on board with Rayvanny are hijacked to an unknown destination, where they are landed in a dessert-like location but the musician gets to free from captivity together with an air hostess whom the singer had eyes on before the flight, and who the song is dedicated to.

However, the video concludes with the air hostess waking up the artist, who appears to have been sleeping the entire time.

Rayvanny, set fire to his new, pricey home to make a video shoot appear more realistic.

“It was my dream to make everything as real as possible during the video shoot. I said I will build a house and then set it on fire and my team thought I was crazy,” the musician wrote on his Instagram story.

“But we did and we burnt it down. All of it to make the video shoot look real.” He added.

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