Tanzanian Musician Rayvanny sets House on Fire

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Raymond Shaban Mwakyusa, best known by his stage name Rayvanny, set fire to his new, pricey home to make a video shoot appear more realistic.

“It was my dream to make everything as real as possible during the video shoot. I said I will build a house and then set it on fire and my team thought I was crazy,” the musician wrote on his Instagram story.

“But we did and we burnt it down. All of it to make the video shoot look real,” he added.

The music video that features musician Zuchu for the song “I Miss You,” has brought mixed reactions on social media.

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“Some people have houses to burn while others are leaving on the streets,”  commented someone on social media in the photo shared by a local media house.

The musician also revealed that shooting the music video, which took him three months, was challenging and that he doubts if there is any other music video shot in his country with such a large budget as his.

In the actual music video, the segment where he gets to burn his house lasts for less than a minute.

The story behind the song “I Miss You” is that Rayvanny expresses his love for his ex-girlfriend “Zuchu,” in an attempt to reclaim her.

He gets to set fire to his house with him in it, out of rage and regret going to get ‘his girl’ back only to discover that she had flown with another lover.

The finale of the music video, however, leaves viewers in suspense, where Rayvanny gets rescued before his house entirely burns down, as Zuchu calls him while he is unconscious.

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