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Switch Media signs training deal with Riara University

By Rading Biko,


Switch Media Limited has signed a Memorandum of
Collaboration with Riara University, that aims at providing high-quality
education and training in Kenya.

The deal focuses on four areas, with the main one being training geared towards equipping graduates from the university with industry-based skills.

L-R :  Dr Joy Mueni, Head of Comms & Multimedia Journalism, Susan Ng´ong á , COO,Switch Media , Prof Robert Gateru ,Vice-Chancellor of Riara University and Dr Abbas Gullet, the CEO of Boma Pan African Ltd.

 “This collaboration is very good as it will help
bridge the gap between skills acquisition and theoretical background of
” said Dr Abbas Gullet, the CEO of Boma Pan African Ltd. during
the signing ceremony.

Speaking during the event, the Vice-Chancellor of
Riara University, Prof Robert Gateru said the collaboration will greatly
augment the objectives of Riara University.

 “We believe in producing employable,
entrepreneurial, and ethical graduates. 50 percent of our students get
employment or create their own business before they graduate, while over 93%
manage to find something to do within one year of graduation

The collaboration will be housed and implemented by
the Communication and Multimedia Journalism department of Riara University, where students will be exposed to the rigours of working in a multi-faceted

Additionally, the learners will benefit from internships and an
opportunity to take part in the gig economy by producing and selling their own
commercially viable content.

Switch Media Limited is one of the arms of the Boma
PanAfrican Ltd, the commercial arm of the Kenya Red Cross Society. 

Switch TV is a brand under Switch Media Limited, was
rated as the leading youth channel in Kenya before transitioning to the Audio
Visual and Digital space in January 2022, has robust talent and a fully
equipped production studio. 

Switch Media Limited has also introduced Training
as the third facet of its operations. It is based on this new foray that this
Memorandum has been signed.



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