Reasons for Jose Chameleone’s arrest in South Africa

Jose Chameleone is reported to have been arrested in South Africa as per the wish of an events promoter, after playing cat and mouse with the police.

The “Badilisha” singer flew to South Africa for a performance during the weekend, but almost missed it after police held him at a hotel in Sandton, South Africa.

Zaina Muwonge, a South African-based promoter, called for the arrest of Chameleon after they fell out over his unsettled debt some years back.

She wanted the singer arrested so that he would refund KSh 588,000 she paid him in 2015, for a concert tour that Chameleone had skipped and neglected refund requests at the time.

Protestors burnt his posters demanding for the show to be canceled during the Randburg event in South Africa on Saturday night,

Despite all odds, Chameleone was later permitted to perform.

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