My Dad had an affair with my Mum’s Sister – Pritty Vishy

A few days after Purity Vishenwa more commonly known as Pritty Vishy, received backlash online for disrespecting her father during Father’s Day and labeling him a “useless man”, she decided to open up about why she will not take her words back.

During an interview with Mungai Eve, Vishy explained why she called her father a “deadbeat dad,” attempting to get Kenyans to understand the situation she once was in.

“I don’t regret it of course if you can imagine your father sleeping with your mother’s sister. He takes you out of the house together with your siblings including a months-old child and since your mother is not around, he brings in your mother’s sister. How does it sound?” asked Vishy.

Vishy, who also recounted growing up in a violent home, says she sees her mother as both a ‘father’ and a ‘mother,’ since it was her mom who stood by when her dad left when she was four.

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To make matters worse, Vishy claimed her father married an older lady with six children whom he supported, leaving his two biological kids and their mother to fend for themselves.

“He once got married again to another mom and I became the prey to violence but my mother still stood by me and supported me. Isn’t she capable of being a father and a mother?

“Being a parent takes a lot. Even if parents have disagreed. Why does the father not support her kid? You don’t have to leave the kid only because you have differences with the mother.” She continued.

The recent ex to musician Stevo Simple Boy disclosed that her father has never looked for her until recently when he demanded her to pull down the video she made about him, requesting to also have a conversation with her;

“He didn’t have the time to look for me after all those years but after seeing me go viral he approaches me and demands that I pull down the video I made about him. Who are you! Who are you to control me Bro!” She exclaimed.

She however says she is willing to forgive her father but needs more time for the wounds to heal and reconcile with her tough childhood.

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