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Mungai Eve shares kiss with Arrow Bwoy in front of Nadia Mukami

Mungai Eve, one of Kenya’s most popular YouTube content creators, prompted an internet stir after she kissed musician Arrow Bwoy, in front of his lover Nadia Mukami, on his birthday.


Her being amongst guests, the ceremony was inclusive of amusing activities like truth or dare, which culminated in the sharing of a kiss when her boyfriend director Trevor, dared them.

It was however difficult for the content creator to fulfill the dare since she had to do it in front of Nadia Mukami and live on camera as well.

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Arrow Boy’s lover and baby mom Nadia, on the other hand, stated she was fine with them kissing, which led to pressure from those in attendance, who compelled her to go forward with the dare, even though it was only a deep side cheek kiss.

The “Raha” singer turned 30 this year. As previously reported, Otile Brown decided to address

his beef with musician Arrow Bwoy, which erupted after the “Digi Digi” singer released their collaboration song from his new album ‘Focus’, without his permission.

“Arrow Bwoy is one of the artists that I respected a lot. He asked me and my team a couple of times on releasing the song but I informed him that the song itself is old, so we decided to do away with it.” Otile said.

In an interview with Presenter Ali, Otile Brown said Arrow Bwoy asked him for permission to release the song on several occasions but he respectfully declined.


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