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KRA urged to fast track pre-arrival clearance of exports from Tanzania

 By Rading Biko 




The Kenya Revenue Authority has
been urged to fast track the clearance of goods from Tanzania.

 This comes at a time when Kenya’s
export to Tanzania hit USD 139 million, while imports at USD 118.6 million in
the first quarter of 2022.


 A group photo during the East
African Business Council (EABC) Trade Facilitation Forum


to John Bosco Kalisa, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, East
African Business Council (EABC) “Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) officials should
be posted to the key cities in Tanzania to facilitate the pre-arrival clearance
of exports from Tanzania to Kenya to reduce traffic queues at the border.
Tanzania has already posted Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) officials in
Mombasa and Nairobi to facilitate the pre-arrival clearance of goods under the
Single Customs Territory framework.”


at the EABC Trade Facilitation Forum at Horohoro-Lunga Lunga OSBP, Mr Kalisa
revealed that Kenya doing destination clearance of goods at Horohoro OSBP leads
to delays and long queues of cargo trucks to Kenya. 


Manager of Horohoro OSBP Tanzania said, “This pilot running of one-stop border
operations at the Horohoro-Lunga Lunga One-Stop Border Post has eased the free
movement of goods and persons between Kenya and Tanzania.”


The number
of trucks entering Kenya from Tanzania has increased to 150 per day while 80
cross over into Tanzania daily. Tanzania’s trade volume increase is attributed
to coal and maize exports.


Mr Sadik
Ndoro, Chairman of Clearing and Forwarding Associations appealed for the
removal of the Single Tax System levy charged on Kenyan trucks entering


commended the Governments of Kenya and Tanzania for waiving off COVID-19
mandatory testing for fully vaccinated passengers.


chairperson of women cross-border traders in Kenya Ms Zipporah urged the county
governments to waive off cess levies to ease the free movement of cargo across
EAC borders. She further appealed to the border management to institute a trade
help desk for women cross-border traders and construct cross border market
“Jumiya Market” with amenities such as crèche & stores.

Mr Sammy
Tutua, Chairman of Cross Border Traders in Kenya called for more sensitization
campaigns for MSMEs on custom procedures and EAC simplified trade regime.


Ms Eugenia
Mwesiumo, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation
-the United Republic of Tanzania pointed out “EAC is more integrated than other
regional economic communities in terms of social and trade ties.”


Dr Juma
Wahungu from the Ministry of EAC and Regional Development Kenya commended EABC
for rolling out dialogues at the border with the business community to resolve
trade barriers.


Manager of Kenya Revenue Authority at LungaLunga OSBP said imports for Tanzania
increased to 3300 trucks per month from 1500 trucks while exports stand at 1000
trucks following the elimination of Non-Tariff barriers.


added that intra-EAC trade was at USD 5.9 billion in 2020. A joint border
performance charter and instituting a green lane for EAC originating goods will
enhance trade facilitation and boost intra-EAC trade to 40%.”


In 2021
Kenya’s exports to Tanzania hit 409.7million in 2021 from USD 295 million in
2020 while Kenya’s imports from Tanzania stood at USD. 


The trade
facilitation forum was supported by GIZ’s “Support to East African
Market-Driven and People-Centered Integration” programme (SEAMPEC).





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