I’ll wash her-Winnie Odinga challenges Femi One

Lastborn to Azimio La Umoja Leader, Winnie Odinga, has recently revealed she is a massive Hip Hop fan and has even gone as far as to throw down the gauntlet, challenging Kenyan rapper Femi One, to a rap duel.

During a podcast with Mwafreeka Mwaf, Winnie not only challenged Femi but was also confident enough to proclaim victory in the battle.

“I’ll challenge her to a rap off. I will do a cipher with her. I’ll wash her,” she said.

When Winnie was asked if she could actually beat Femi who is well known for her rap skills, in a rap battle, she stayed firm and insisted that she can outshine her on a one-on-one.

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“You don’t know what I can do. She is dope and one of my favourite rappers but those who know me have always said that the best emcee is Kazi (her nickname),” she continued.

The reason she chose Femi is that she recognizes her as a superstar in the game.

Other than the rap queen, her favorite local rappers are Mbogi Genje, Khaligraph, Mbithi, and Wakadinali, while her favorite foreign rappers are Jay-Z and Drake.

“I like Jay Z, Drake, those usual suspects. Here in Kenya, I like Mbogi Genje, Wakadinali, then another rapper Kamba boy called Mbithi, then there is another lady called Roza,” she said.

Winnie, who went to the same school as late legendary rapper Issah Mmari Wangui alias E-Sir, acknowledged him as the smartest student.

“E-Sir was in Brookhouse School and he was like the sharpest guy in the school. He was older than me. I joined the year he left. But when you reached the school, E-Sir’s presence was everywhere, he got best student awards and not just in music or whatever, like best in Maths, best in sciences you find E-Sir there,” expressed Winnie.

As previously reported, Winnie recently opened up about how the death of her older brother, Fidel Odinga, in 2015, altered her outlook on life.

Winnie noted that mourning is different for everyone and varies in each individual on the Iko Nini podcast, saying that she had not been able to fully come to terms with her brother’s death but had instead learned to live with it.

Winnie said she misses her brother, whom she characterized as her protector.

“When he died I didn’t cry, I just started crying when we were now burying him because during a funeral process, there are a lot of people, it’s after the body has gone in that now you feel it and that’s really the time guys enter depression,” Winnie Odinga recalled as she relieved her brother’s funeral.

For Winnie, there is no quick path or shortcut when it comes to grieving a loved one. The only way to go through the grieving process is through acceptance and for one to allow themselves to mourn when a loss occurs.

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