Jalango fires back-I do not clout chase

Ex-comedian Felix Odiwuor alias Jalango has been accused of ‘clout chasing’ to get sympathy votes, following the recent incident involving two employees who allegedly took off with his money.

Some netizens feel the Langata parliamentary aspirant was looking for sympathy votes and took it as more of a publicity stunt. The accusations didn’t go down well with the ex-comedian, who said the incident was not fabricated.

During an interview with a YouTube content creator Mungai Eve, Jalango decided to settle the claims, explaining how he was robbed and the matter was now being handled by Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) sleuths.

“There is nothing like sympathy votes. It is true Eli and Litiema stole money from me, and they left with their families. You can go check. It’s been reported at Kabete police. The DCI already have it,” he said.

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Amidst the interview, he received a call that he confirmed was from the DCI, further proving the allegations false;

“Guess who’s calling me,” he asked Eve who helped confirm the caller ID.

“This guy is from DCI and we need to go finish this case. I don’t clout chase. It’s not my thing. I’m real,” he continued.

Jalango also reconsidered hiring them, explaining that he was willing to but after advice from friends, he was convinced that that was the biggest betrayal ever.

He further gave some advice regarding the recent betrayal, “don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”

The whole drama unfolded sometime back when Jalango pleaded with the public, offering Ksh 100,000 to whoever finds his employees Eli Omundu and Morrison Litiema, who robbed him and fled with their families.

“Eli and Litiema are on the run, this morning they stole money from the car they were washing at home. Their phones are off and they are running with their families. If you see them please report to the nearest police station.

“A reward of 100k for any information leading to their arrest,” Jalango pleaded on an Instagram post.

However, many were taken aback after he reportedly begged them to return to work a few days later;

“I want them to come forward. They will continue with their work. Let them just come back because it was not in their character,” he said during an interview with a local media house.

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