Corazon Kwamboka: Curvecous Fitness Enthusiast Shares Workout Routine

Fitness enthusiast and socialite Corazon Kwamboka, known for her curvaceous body and beauty has been greatly involved in sports and wellness. 


What separates her from the flock is that we see her day in day out on her Instagram stories, ever consistent and relentless with her fitness journey to achieve her desired body.

Having recently separated from her baby daddy, managing director of Just Gym It, Frank Kiarie, popularly known as Frankie Just Gym It, Kwamboka’s priority is to focus on herself, her children and her fitness.

Corazon owns Genio Active Wear, which has grown to be the go-to sports and fitness clothing brand in Kenya.

The socialite has always said she prefers working out rather than doing surgical alterations to her body because to her it is ‘living a lie’.

She urges young girls and other females to cultivate the habit of working out rather that wasting money on surgical procedures that can later on the harm you.

Last week, Kwamboka went live on her Instagram page doing some of the effective workout routines she recommends to stay fit, build your glutes and attain those curves. 

The eight steps are described below;

Sumo walks

“Sumo walks are the best exercises for hip abductor muscles. Not only do they target your hips but they also work your core. When you’re doing this remember to use your resistance band for more efficiency,” said Corazon.

Donkey kicks

Donkey kicks are the perfect exercise for strengthening the hips because they make your glutes strong. For them to be effective you need to do them like three times a week. They will give you a rounder and more lifted look.

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Fire hydrants

After doing donkey kicks, Corazon recommends you transition right into fire hydrants! This exercise builds muscles in the outer hips and side glutes.

Glute bridges

“Glute bridges are my favourite lower body weight exercises. You must definitely add them to your weekly butt workout. Apart from stimulating muscle growth in the hips, they will also grow your hamstrings, glutes and abdominals,” said Corazon.

Side lunges

They are one of the best lower body exercises to incorporate into your routine. In every Corazon’s routine, you can always see her doing the side lunges. They work the hips, outer thighs and inner thighs.

Hip thrust

This is often a challenging variation of the Glute Bridge. The difference is that these ones require equipment which is the weight so it’s not friendly to do it from home.


Corazon says if you want that round butt do your squats sis! They are great for strengthening your hips and preventing them from sagging.

Squats also help in strengthening core muscles and it’s an amazing Kegel exercise.

Curtsey lunges

“Finish your hip widening workout with curtsey lunges. They deeply target the hip and glute muscles, target the obliques and also boost the heart rate.

“One free piece of advice I can give you is that your hips can grow larger but if you forget to workout your waist you will not see your desired image,

“Make sure you do belly workouts to maintain or achieve a small waist in order to create that illusion of an hourglass figure,” advised Corazon.

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