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‘It’s just a matter of Time’: Ukraine’s solidarity in the face of Putin

By Albert Wambura


                                                      Protesters declare pro-Ukraine slogans

    “I need ammo, not a ride.” Ukrainian leader Volodymyr
Zelenskyy has so far cut the figure of a Churchillian figure, a war time
president who is not afraid of addressing his fellow countrymen. With over
fifty thousand people passing through the Medynka Gate a day on their way to
join their fellow citizens in Central Poland in search of relief from the
violence, this war has been a more than a strain on Ukraine and its wealthier

    And yet Europe has been welcoming. The regional, political
and economic integration of the continent’s member states has cultivated a real
community of nations which has been a boon, with many nations providing safe
haven for Ukrainians. Europe as a set of values, as opposed to merely being a
community of nations, has been tested and has risen to the challenge one would
say. They have imposed several sanctions on errant Putin, with more punitive
action coming Russia’s way. As huge a force as they are in Eastern Europe,
Russia has been shown that even it can suffer consequences.

    Not to be left behind is the rest of the west, particularly
the USA. By condemning Russia, collaborating with Ukraine and even imposing
bans reminiscent of the inglorious Iron Curtain days, they seem to be in a
scramble to polish their image after the entire 20-year fiasco that was the war
in Afghanistan. By allying with embattled Ukraine they’ve gone some ways to
regain credibility and shed the image of weakness that comes with leaving a war
unwon. NATO and the rest of Europe have indeed shown leadership, perhaps
following president Zelenskyy’s lead.

    The humanitarian disaster that has been created by Russia’s
attack is shameful. In response people throughout the world have been chipping
in with donations and sometimes even monetary help. The global community has
found its voice in support of Ukraine. It has become clear Russia’s unprovoked
violence has no place in the modern world.

                                           Children have not been left behind in the fight for peace

     Sum that up with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s iron-clad defence
of his nation’s sovereignty and altogether we have one man (Putin) standing
against the world. Much like a captain leading his ship past troubled waters
Zelenskyy has won hearts and minds the world over with his passionate speeches.
The indomitable spirit every Ukrainian has shown seems to have been distilled
and represented by their brave leader.

    “Ukraine resists because it is something worth fighting for.
We believe in victory. This is our home, our land, our independence. It’s just
a question of time,” declares the freedom fighter President. Even unshaven,
even tired from days with his troops and countrymen, Volodymyr Zelensyy remains
the polished perfection his people look up to for hope.


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