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Women’s Relationships in the Workplace: Our Own Worst Enemy

The statement women are their biggest enemies has been around for a while. This makes you wonder why women are known to not get along in environments such as workplaces. A friend recently posed the question of why her direct manager, a woman in her field was rude to her all the time.


So why is it that women act this way? An explanation that I came across is they feel they are competing with other women or the younger generation. The thought of any person taking up their position in the workplace makes them defensive.

As much as it’s mostly applied to women this is a character shared by many individuals regardless of gender.

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I decided to do research by asking my female friends the question of what gender was easy to work with and most likely to help them out with what they did not know. Surprisingly they said their male colleagues.  In the workplace, men are considered to be more light-hearted and easy with helping out, contrary to women.

This does not apply to every woman you meet in the workplace and life. We cannot generalize every woman in the box of being rude because different individuals have different personalities and characters.

In my personal experience, I have met women who have offered me opportunities and have taught me things related to my field of work. In most instances, the environment you are working in is what influences people to act the way they do.

Having team-building events is a way to bring the workforce together. It is important to show each other at work that we are all valuable and that all our unique characteristics are appreciated.


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