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Ruto Sets Date to Engage Gen Z on X Space

Ruto X space engage

President William Ruto has fixed the date to engage with Kenya’s Gen Z on the social media platform X. He shared a poster on his X platform with the date set for Friday, July 5, and the time set for 2-5 PM. 


The poster, with the hashtag #EngageThePresident, also included his handle @WilliamRuto and a photo of the president. It seems like he’s ready to discuss matters with the vibrant Gen Z community on X and the larger community of Kenyans on X.

Responding to a clamour from Kenyans, especially the Gen Z demographic, Ruto declared his readiness to hold discussions on X Space during a media roundtable on Sunday.

President Ruto expressed his willingness to address any pressing issues the youth might present.

“I am aware that the younger generation prefers not to engage in multisectoral forums. They suggest a direct interaction with the President on X. I am fully prepared to meet them on a platform of their choosing,” President William Ruto.

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After months of escalating discontent on social media, thousands of Kenyans took to the streets of Nairobi and other major cities last week to vehemently oppose a proposed finance bill that would significantly increase taxes. 

“I want us to discuss taxation, I want us to discuss unemployment, corruption, and all issues,” he added, underscoring the broad scope of topics up for discussion.

This statement follows two weeks of nationwide protests led by the youth in opposition to the Finance Bill 2024. Bowing to escalating pressure, President Ruto ultimately withdrew the contentious bill.

The President acknowledged the unique challenges faced by the younger generation and committed to addressing their grievances with a comprehensive approach.

“I have young people in my household, so I understand some of their issues and I’m ready to engage with them,” he stated.

Recently, X Space has been abuzz with intense activity as the youth make the most of social media platforms to voice their concerns.

The President’s engagement on X Space is seen as a direct response to these calls, promising a new avenue for dialogue and potential resolution.

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