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Protestors or Goons? Gen Z Demos Occupied by Thugs

The recent ongoing protests in Kenya took a turn; from Reject the Finance Bill to Ruto Must Go. However, the situation became more complex when it was apparent that some individuals with ulterior motives had infiltrated the protests. Many questioned whether these were hired thugs or simply hungry opportunists seizing the moment.


The demonstrations on Tuesday, June 25, is when the dye was cast, and protests escalated turning violent and resulting in several casualties.

A large crowd of protestors marched to parliament to reject the finance bill, occupying the empty house with legislators already evacuated before chaos ensued. From then on, thieves masked under the guise of being protestors slowly infiltrated the demonstrations and seized the opportunity to loot and vandalize shops.

Downtown Nairobi was one of the places most vandalised with most police officers posted at the parliament building and its environs, no security personnel was left to protect these areas. Theft and looting were rife in the last two recent protests, affecting business owners as they encountered unforeseen losses.

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On July 2, protestors in Mombasa took a stand against looters. In a viral video, they apprehended a thief, administered a beating, and then handed him over to the authorities.

A similar sight was seen in Mlolongo along Mombasa road where two suspected goons were subjected to mob justice leading to the loss of their lives.

In another video, a gun-wielding business owner went berserk and openly fired at protestors hurling stones at his business establishment. He was later apprehended by DCI sleuths and disarmed.

In a post on X, Boniface Mwangi who was one of the mobilizers of the Gen Z protests, stated the government was to blame for hiring goons and for the police not arresting the so-called government-sponsored goons. Boniface also called on the peaceful protesters to return home to not be mistaken for thieves.

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“Good people. Let’s go home. As usual the government has let goons take over, loot, and burn property again. Those goons are getting state protection while peaceful protesters are being beaten, and arrested and even killed. It’s a shame it has come to this. When the state behaves like thugs, we keep off,” Bonie’s post read.

The current escalation of looting and pillaging has left business owners with damages and property loss. The recent called-on protests have shut down businesses majorly in the Nairobi CBD, barring workers from accessing their jobs and unable to clock in.

All that is left for Kenyans is to wait and see if normalcy will resume or if protests will rage on.


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