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Mesut Ozil Reveals Secret to His Insane New Look

Mesut ozil new look

Do you remember Mesut Ozil, the sleek-footed Arsenal midfield maestro?


Well, Mesut Ozil recently celebrated his incredible body transformation. The Arsenal legend took to his socials and shared an update on his new muscular build.

Fans, some filled with inspiration, some cautiously suspicious, questioned if his new physique was natural or if he was using steroids or some kind of enhancers.

Ozil, 35, has been hitting the gym hard ever since hanging up his boots last year, ending his reign as one of the most talented midfielders to have graced the football scene.

“One year of very hard work,” Ozil revealed in a post showing off his abs and new beefed-up self.

Ozil was known for his deft touches, and nimble movement and was never really considered a physically dominant forward.

The former Arsenal star and Germany World Cup winner has been working on his fitness with his coach and transformed his physic from a leaner footballing frame to a bodybuilder.

Ozil shared his achievement with his fanbase, showing off his new physique and the insane workout techniques he used to become his new self.

His recent transformation through his dedication to the gym has even impressed Cristiano Ronaldo, a fitness freak who equally puts in a tremendous amount of work in the gym.

Wanna be like Ozil? Well, all it takes is 365 days of pain…before you gain.


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