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I’m Single: Behind Joanna Kinuthia and Chris Kaiga’s Breakup

Chris Kaiga Joanna Kinuthia

Breakups are always tough, especially when they happen in the public spotlight. The recent split between Joanna Kinuthia, a well-known digital content creator, and Chris Kaiga, a celebrated musician, has left fans in shock.


On Wednesday, July 3, Joanna Kinuthia, the founder of Joanna K Cosmetics, took to her Instagram stories during a Q&A session with her followers and revealed her separation from Chris Kaiga. 

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The content creator responding to a fan’s question about her relationship status, confirmed that she and Chris are no longer together, revealing they had broken up about a month ago.

“I`ve gotten a few questions about this, you don’t post Chris anymore. Are you guys still together? The truth is no, we’re not together anymore I am a single girl,” said the content creator. “It’s been a while, like over a month now. I`m okay guys imagine I`m okay. I don’t know what else to say about that situation.”

This unexpected announcement has left everyone wondering about the reasons behind their breakup.

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Their relationship, which began in 2022 and was publicly revealed during Chris Kaiga’s birthday celebration in December 2023, had captured the hearts of their fans. However, their recent split has taken everyone by surprise.

Joanna, who has gained a significant following through her beauty expertise and makeup brand, Joanna K Cosmetics, has been transparent about her feelings, expressing that she’s doing okay and seeking closure.

On the other hand, Chris Kaiga, known for his distinctive music and avant-garde music videos, has yet to address the breakup publicly. His absence from social media has led to speculation about his thoughts on the matter, and that he is not ready to openly speak about what led to their breakup.

Joanna and Chris, both successful public figures in their own right, have been through a lot during their time together. Joanna built a thriving beauty brand after gaining attention through makeup tutorials on YouTube, while Chris made waves in the music industry with his hit singles, including the popular ‘Zimenice.’

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Both Joanna and Chris have demanding careers. Joanna, a digital content creator and founder of Joanna K Cosmetics, and Chris, a popular musician, likely have hectic schedules that might have made it challenging to spend quality time together. 

Being in the public eye can also put immense pressure on a relationship. Constant scrutiny and the need to maintain a public image can be overwhelming, leading to strain and misunderstandings between partners.

The strongest reason behind their breakup remains speculative without confirmation from Joanna or Chris. However, a combination of career demands, public pressure, personal growth, and potential communication issues seems to be the most plausible explanation.

Breakups, especially public ones, are complex and multifaceted. Understanding both perspectives – that of a woman and a man – is crucial in grasping the full picture.

Ultimately, only Joanna and Chris know the true reasons for their separation, and respecting their privacy is paramount.


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