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5 South African Blockbuster Films to Watch

South African Movies

The weekends are a great time to unwind, relax and enjoy ourselves. If you’re a fan of movies, we’ve got you covered with a list of movies that will keep you entertained.


In this movie review, we’ll be exploring South Africa. This vibrant and colourful country has been making waves in the film industry with the release of high-quality movies featuring captivating storylines.

I’ve been particularly drawn to the love and comedy storylines in South African films.

Here are five series on Netflix to get you in the entertainment groove.

1. How to Ruin Christmas

This series is set around the festive season and focuses on the story of two sisters. One is on the verge of getting married, while the other seems to find ways to ruin family events and ultimately her sister’s wedding.

2. How to Ruin Love

This series has earned the number-one spot for comedy for me. It revolves around a woman who catches her boyfriend proposing to her best friend. In response, she sabotages her best friend’s proposal, unaware that it was a rehearsal for her wedding proposal. This sets her on a quest to make things right.

3. Savage Beauty

If you enjoy films with family drama, this one’s for you. The show follows the Bengus, a wealthy family running a beauty company. Their success was achieved by shady means, leading to many enemies. You’ll have to watch it to find out how their enemies plot to bring about the Bengus’ downfall.

4. The Ultimatum: South Africa

This is more of a reality show where long-term partners give each other the ultimatum of marriage or separation. It’s a highly entertaining show filled with spicy drama.

5. Blood and Water

One of the most popular series from South Africa, it tells the story of two sisters who were separated at a young age but are reunited in high school. This leads to family drama and complications.


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